Monday, November 28, 2011

30 Days of Thanks: Day Twenty-eight

Today I'm thankful for my husband's job. It was only two years ago that we were facing month three of Scott being unemployed with nothing promising in the works. It was a really difficult time for us. We did not have much hope that Scott would find another job in his field. This was extremely frustrating since we had really felt God's hand in leading when Scott decided to complete his Masters in History several years ago. We continue to be amazed at how God has provided for us in bringing us to Hawaii and giving Scott such a cool job at JPAC where he can utilize his degree and really ENJOY what he does. He returned a few weeks ago from his second investigative trip to Europe where he was able to travel all over France, Belgium, Germany, and The Netherlands. Yes, he was technically WORKING, but he also got a chance to do some touring in his off time.
Beautiful Seine River in Northern France
Scott's first trip to the American cemetery in Normandy. Quite a cool experience for a WW2 historian! 

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Meagan Dennison said...

Did you ever go to Normandy with us? We went so many places together, I've lost track! (PS. I miss you!)