Monday, April 4, 2011

Ice cream in the house

There are 12 bowls in my dishwasher right now. This can only mean one thing. There is ice cream in the house, and I'm eating way to much of it. There was recently a coupon for $5 off $15 frozen foods at Safeway. It might as well have said "$5 off ice cream" when I clipped it.

I don't have a favorite ice cream flavor.  Nuts, fruit, coconut,  Neapolitan, brownie bits, cookie dough - bring it on. I can't say no. Right now, I'm really into Extreme Moose Tracks (aka Double Chocolate Kiss of Death). Scott's not a fan. I can't remember exactly how he described it - something like "offensively rich." :-)

I never forget when there is ice cream in the house. In fact, I think about it quite a LOT. You could even say that I plan my day around it sometimes. You could even say that I put my kids to bed extra early sometimes, because I can't wait to scoop myself a bowl. I know, sad.

Scott loves ice cream too. We love eating ice cream together on the couch while we watch our favorite shows. He would probably say his favorite ice cream is Breyers Vanilla Fudge Twirl. It's what his mama used to buy for him. When I'm not home to remind Scott that we have ice cream, he will forget and not have any. Help me understand - how does this happen??? This might be biggest difference between men and women - dessert awareness. I never EVER forget when we have ice cream in the house. Thank goodness I'm lactating right now or I would probably weigh 300 lbs.

Here's someone who doesn't know we have ice cream in the house... he he he (evil Mama laugh)
Here's someone who doesn't even know about ice cream yet. Mmmm, boy. Just you wait, little Mister. I gotta feeling this one has a sweet tooth.


livinginparadise said...

I hear you on the ice cream. I just bought 4 containers of Breyers this week because they had a 2 for $7 sale. I am kind of an ice cream snob though. I can only eat Breyers. But nuts, brownie bits, chocolate covered you said, bring it on. I had two bowls yesterday because I have a cold and I think it helps. :o)

Meagan Dennison said...

I hear ya, sista!

Melissa Batusic said...

You are hilarious :) And I definitely can hear scott saying right now that extreme moose tracks is "offensively rich". That's a total Scott phrase :) Love you guys! Wish I was there to eat ice cream with you!

Laura said...

I LOVE Extreme Moose Tracks, but I'm absolutely certain Phil would feel exactly as Scott does.

mom said...

I can't believe I had not read this! I've been on a diet since January. So what is icecream? Cold? yes. Sweet? Oh yea it is conming back. I'm thinking July, pool!eggs, cream, sugar, vanilla, chocolate syrup!!! HOMEMADE!!! It's all coming back!!! Maybe by then I can have some. mom

Anonymous said...

Love this post - hilarious and so true! :) -Carolyn