Thursday, April 14, 2011

7 months

Another month. A whole new set of tricks.

His 2 bottom teeth finally broke through. Hello, drool! He won't let you get close enough to look at them, but he sticks his little tongue out all the time making sure they are still there. 

I can't believe I ever thought this kid would be a poor eater. In the last month, he's turned into a complete solid food junkie. He eats everything from smoothie to oatmeal to black beans and rice to quinoa and zucchini.  Still working on getting him to take a bottle. So far, he only likes THAT kinda food from one restaurant.... 

Despite my discouragement and promises that mobility is WAY overrated, the kid gets around. He already army-crawls his way across the room with ease, usually on a mission to get one of Keaton's toys or some other thing he's not supposed to have. 

I even caught him pulling up to the TiVo box the other day. Won't be long before he's showing me how to work it.

He said his first word! 
 I'm pretty sure he knows what it means now too. 

Mark loves his big brother! Keaton makes him laugh like no one else can. One of my greatest joys as a mom is watching this relationship grow as these two interact more every day. 


maren said...

Restaurant?!?! Don't you mean a breastraunt?!?! Apparently my child thinks I operate a 24/7 buffet! I still can't get him to sleep straight through the night...Your kids are so adorable!

Meagan Dennison said...

fun pics! You make me sick going to the beach whenever you feel like it....I need another trip to Hawaii!!! I guess we have countdown to the Keys now, which helps...

brumbra cathy said...

Is Baby Mark going to be a climber? He sure is a cutie!

Mary Anderson said...

Grammie is home and catching up on my House of Anderson blogs.
What a beautiful, healthy, wonderful baby Mark is!
Wish I could be part of his daily life!