Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Sunday

Leading up to Easter, I tried to downplay the whole "bunny and egg" thing and make sure that Keaton understood exactly what Easter was really about this year: 

"Jesus died on the cwoss, and was alive again!"

He was so surprised to wake up on Easter morning to a basket full of goodies. Among his treasures: new crayons, Cars bandaids, windup boats for the pool, Spiderman plate, and of course - plenty of candy! Baby brother got 2 sippy cups, a new paci clip, and some puffs in his basket -
very practical boy, that Mark :-).

Easter Baskets! 
Keaton acted like I was the meanest Mama in the world by putting a collared shirt and long pants on him for church (my "Hawaiianized" boys are not used to dressing up so much). Thankfully, he perked up enough for some Easter pics.

I love these boys - have I mentioned that?

Dada and his boys! 

I apparently did not get the "green shirt" memo.
After naps, we headed over to the Heaths, so Keaton could hunt eggs with best buddy, Lucas.

Look what I found, Mom!

Such a great day of fellowship, resting, and remembering Christ's sacrifice and ultimate victory over the grave! Happy Easter! 

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Mary Anderson said...

Thank you for being a blessing to our family!