Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Kiddie Park

Keaton and I are currently visiting our "Other one Brumbra and Papa" (as Keaton calls them) in Oklahoma while Scott is traveling for work. Tonight we took him to Kiddie Park! Kiddie Park is a very OLD amusement park - I believe it first opened in the 1940's. It is set in downtown Bartlesville (my hometown) and was built especially for toddlers and preschoolers. I have such great memories of coming here when I was a kid, and most of the rides are the very same ones that I rode on back then! Keaton is the PERFECT age to enjoy Kiddie Park. We swatted mosquitos and sweated like pigs, but it was worth it to watch his face light up on every ride. Thankfully, his cousin Mia was a good sport and suffered through some of the "baby rides" with him so he did not have to ride alone. Aunt Alexis joined in the fun as well. Of course, we completed our evening with popcorn, cold sprite, and a choo choo ride. What a fun evening!


Mary Anderson said...

Looks like he had fun. Life is one big adventure for our little guy! Did he see any Tigers?


Jenny said...

So precious! I wish Matthew could have been there to ride with him! Can't you see those 2 now?