Thursday, January 28, 2010

Finally, a haircut!

Keaton finally let us get his hair cut yesterday! It has been a good 4 months since our last try (which ended with a screaming crying toddler, a mess of Skittles slime mixed with tears all down his face, and a half-haircut), so he had quite the mop-top going on. After prepping him for days with all kinds of bribes and promises, he sat like an angel on my lap, ate his lollipop, and let Charlene snip his locks. I wish I had a good "before" picture to show you how bad it had really gotten, but here's some pictures that we took of him at the park today that show off his new do. I'm always amazed at how a haircut makes him look so much less of a baby and more like a little boy. I'm just happy I can see those beautiful blue eyes again!