Saturday, January 9, 2010


It has been so cold here in Nashville the past few days, but we can't complain because we also had beautiful snow showers on Friday and Saturday! Today, we bundled up and took Keaton outside to walk around in it. His first step onto the slick driveway landed him flat on his back. After a quick cry on Mama's shoulder, he was trudging through the snow like a pro. He really loved that we let him walk in the street for a change. I think he would have stayed out in the 20* temps all day if we let him! cold for Mom!

You'll notice he has a war wound under his left eye from a fight he got into with a chair over at his friend Noah's house last night.


Mary Anderson said...

SO CUTE and beautiful!
Send large files, please!

Carolyn said...

You are so going to have to keep up your blog after you move. Just reading it now has reminded me how much I'm going to miss you, and you haven't even left yet! Think your Mom would still come visit Nashville even if you're not here? ;)