Friday, August 12, 2016

Early Summer in Oklahoma

After the reunion, Scott had to fly home, because he had to go back to his JOB for some reason (selfish, I know). But, the kids and I were able to spend another 2 and a half weeks in Oklahoma. We always have such a fun time at my parents house. Even though they are not in the country anymore, their new house is still full of fun stuff for the kids to do, and PLENTY of room to explore.
My parents are down to only one very spoiled "Jay Dog." He eats people food, goes in and out of the house as he pleases (something I NEVER thought I would see a dog do at my parents house!), and knows just who to make friends with to get a good snack a couple of times a day. Sailor is always happy to share!
Sailor and my friend Lisa Lord - soon to be Lisa White in September!
We only made one trip to Kiddie Park this year. Sailor was not as excited about the rides as she was last year! "Mommy, get me outta here!"
She was a little bit calmer with her buddy, Halle there for support.
Mia and Keaton are too big for most of the rides now (sniff, sniff), but they are good sports and tag along to help out with the littles.
Back on the carriages with Brother
Serious girl on the Carousel
End of the night train ride, complete with cotton candy of course!
It rained for a good bit of our first week there, so my mom took the kids to Hobby Lobby to pick out a puzzle and some other activities.
It took forever, but we finally finished this one, with lots of help!
 Mia is straddling that beautiful line between youth and adolescent. I love that she still plays so well with the boys, but I know this time is limited. I can't believe she is already 12!
Early morning snuggles on the back porch with my girl.
In my parents new pool, they have about a 5x5 section that is only 1ft deep. This is perfect for Sailor!
Never a shortage of sweets at Brumbra's house.
My handsome little man enjoying the pool
The "frenemies" sharing another ice cream bar
Papa joined us in the pool a few times, and even went down the slide (video upon request!)
Strolling with Brumbra after church
Sailor loves her Jay Dog
Alexis and Christian
They can still be sweet sometimes...
Posing with Aunt Alexis
Hitchin a ride with Bubba on the tricycle!
Hanging out in the "Secret Garden"
Lots of trips with Brumbra on the gator!
Sailor loved the fountains!
Playing in the sprinkler!
It's raining!!

We had a great few weeks, but we did finally have to drive home. We stopped in Indiana for the night at my Uncle Ben and Aunt Brenda's house. Always fun to catch up with my cousins and their kids! 

Laura and I are one year apart and have always been close!
Uncle Ben has the coolest toys!
Laura's twins Savannah and Tyler are 3 already! We tried to get a cousins pic. This was the best one - ha!!
Again, Uncle Ben has cool toys!
We made it home just in time for Father's Day! Boy, were these kiddos happy to see their Daddy!

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