Thursday, August 4, 2016

Archambo Family Reunion 2016

A  highlight of every summer is the Archambo family reunion in Bartlesville. I wish I knew exactly how many years it has been since my parents started hosting. This was the first year to host in their new house. Because of moves, jobs, school, etc, its been several years since my whole family has been able to attend. We were so excited that we could all be there this year!
And it seems like its getting bigger every year!
It was a special treat that all 8 of my siblings and our families were in town together - first time in six years!
I was finally able to meet my new baby nephew Aiden!
Aunts, cousins, and cousins-in-law! Sarah, John, Rhonda, Kenna, and Cary rocking on the front porch!
Dustin's son Easton is 5 now!
Lisa Andrew, and Elise with baby Aiden!
The new slide was an obvious hit!
Some of Texarkana cousins (who now live in Florida and Arkansas)! Brad, Julie, Paula, Kayla, Lauren, and Chaselyn
Sweet Chloe is 2 (Dustin's daughter)
Fun to be together with my older brothers again!
Cool dude Sailor June. She seriously loves her Uncle A
Ruby, Sheri, Elise, Baby Gabe, Kristin, and Me
Papa! Stand in the rain while I take your picture. Almost got it. Wait, one more. Hold on. Stand right there. Ok, just a sec. One more. That one wasn't good...
All the cousins (from the first generation). What I love about this picture is that I told them all to make a silly face. My dad's the only one who did (or maybe the only one that heard me - ha!)
Beautiful Ruby is 2!
Kenna, Cousin Tim, and Lindsey
Only missing Kevin Andrew from my Uncle Ed's family!
Tim's Caleb (3) smiling at his new baby brother
AJ (almost 18!) and Mia (12)
Me, Mom, and Sailor June!
Jacob's girlfriend Kristin, and Sheri - photobombed by Mia!
Elise snuggling with Baby Aiden
The weekend would not be complete without a pitch tourney with this crazy bunch after the extended family went home!
2016 reunion in the books!


Erin W. said...

How fun! I didn't know you had so many siblings. I love big families!

Melissa Batusic said...

Looks like so much fun!!