Monday, November 30, 2015

30 days of Thanks: Day 30

Today I'm thankful that this boy finally lost his front tooth!  He's been agonizing about it for about a week now. Why was he nervous about losing his front tooth, you ask? 
 Because he was afraid it would hurt? Nope. 
Because it would bleed? Nope.

We had this conversation about 25 times in the last week. 

"Will I look different?" 

"No, you'll look the same. You'll just be missing a front tooth." 

"But what if I don't like how I look without my front tooth?!" (sniff, sniff)

"Keaton, it will be fine. You'll look great." 

"But, I don't want to look DIFFERENT!!"


Finally, tonight. It was hanging on by the tiniest thread. I finally convinced him that it would be better if he could lose it at home instead of school.
I told him to smile and I would take one last picture of him with his baby front tooth.
 Then, he very determinedly walked into the bathroom and pulled it right out. 
You would have thought he would have just given birth or something - with all the moaning and joyful, relieved sobs.
"So, how does it look?
Different. But, he decided he likes how he looks! 
Bad news though. The other front tooth is loose too.
"But, what if I don't like how I look with BOTH front teeth missing?
What if I look weird?
What if no one likes me anymore? 
(sniff, sniff)
What if I look like a BEAVER when my grownup teeth come in?"


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