Sunday, November 8, 2015

Sailor's First Birthday!

And just like baby girl is ONE! 
We were so excited that Grammie and Papa and the Lieblers came to town to help us celebrate. 
On Friday night, we had a little party for her.
She was very excited about her candle!

She was not so sure about her cake at first...
And she required many helpers to get her started...

But she eventually got the hang of it.
Lots of love and gifts from cousins and friends...
My girl!
Here's  a few more from her sidewalk photo shoot on the day of her birthday. Ethan and Keaton were in the foreground getting her to be all cute and smiley.
This girl is changing so much every day. 
I love seeing her little personality emerge.
 She's definitely becoming more self-aware than she used to be. She knows when people are looking at her and talking about her.

She enjoys the attention, and loves to make people laugh.
She's reached that very hands-on stage where if she's not in her high chair or in her bed, she's either making a mess or endangering her life. She cannot be left alone. EVER. 
More often than not, I'm cleaning up one of her messes while she is in the process of creating the next one.
But that's why God made them so cute, right?
Sailor June! You are an amazing gift. I'm so thankful for you. You could not be more loved by your Mom, your Dada, or your Bubbas. This past year was the fastest of my life.
Happy Birthday, Sweet Girl!!

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