Thursday, November 12, 2015

Halloween 2015

We had another fantastic Halloween at Belmont Bay, and were so happy that the Lieblers and Grammie and Papa were here to join in the fun. 
After Keaton's soccer game that morning, we came home and started carving our pumpkins.
getting a little bit GOOEY!

Mark doesn't mind getting messy!
It was so nice outside that we decided to take everyone to Lake Ridge park (the same park we had taken the Batusics the weekend before) for a little hiking and playground-playing!
Caroline and MEL leading the way.
Such a beautiful fall day!
These trees were remarkable, so we had to snap some family shots.
 Then it was time to head home to get ready for Trick or Treating! 
The boys were ninjas - more specifically Cole, Kai, and Jay from Ninjago.
Cole and Kai battling it out.
I think Kai is winning.
Then along comes Jay
Definitely the cutest ninjas I've ever seen!
Then Dorothy and Todo walk up on her way up the yellow brick road. We laughed at this picture because doesn't it look like MEL was cut out and put in this she totally doesn't belong.
They had fun burying Mark in the leaves.
Caroline was scary in her Killer Clown costume. She actually couldn't be in the same room with Sailor because it scared her so bad - poor baby!
And don't forget our precious scarecrow!
The cutest!!
 We were a little worried that trick-or-treating at Belmont Bay could never live up to the amazing experience we had last year, but it did! Our neighbors get so into it, and make it so much fun for the kids. 
This whole house was decorated like a pirate ship!
This front porch was actually set up like Dexter's lab, complete with a really woman shrink-wrapped to the table. Creepy!

Sailor just kept looking around pointing and saying "Ooooo!" "Ooooo!"
Killer Clown Caroline sorting through her loot.
Candy smile!
Then the next 24 hours was a non-stop cousin-wide candy swap!
What a special weekend!

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