Wednesday, May 6, 2015

Six Months Old!

Was that the fastest half a year of everyone else's life too? 

Not too much to report on the Sailor June front. She's not really doing many NEW things, just doing the same old things BETTER! 
Still loving her exersaucer, especially when the boys put on music for her to bounce around to... so cute!
Still so tiny! 5th percentile for height/weight. Doctor asked, "Do you have little people in your family?" She's has asked me to come back next month for height/weight check, but she not too worried since Sailor is nailing all her milestones. She's just petite!
If you can't tell, this is my most FAVORITE age to photograph1 You put her somewhere, and she just sits there and smiles!
One of my favorite developments this month is that she reaches out for me! She also seems to be getting the idea that crying in the car really does not help us get there any faster. She's calmed a little bit, and tolerates short trips, at least.

 She's laughing more and more, and my boys are learning the absolute additive quality of baby laughter. They will pretty much make complete fools of themselves to hear her giggle!  

 On a sadder note (or more inconvenient note I should say), she's over the "nap on the go" phase. If she's not home for her nap, she's just generally a ball of drama for most of the evening. Obviously, its impossible to stick to this all the time, but I've found our day just goes much more smoothly if Sailor can be at home for naptime, which is still 2 - 3 times a day.
 She was baptized on May 3rd, her six month birthday. Her Grammy, Papa, Aunt Jenny and cousins. as well as our good friends, the Heaths were there to watch! She fussed a little when the pastor first took her (he was trying to cradle her, and she was like, "Stop holding me like a baby!" but when that water hit her head, she was silenced. She knew something was up,  and she needed to behave. 

 We celebrated after church with a fantastic brunch at The Secret Garden Cafe in Occoquan... and many pictures, of course! 
Happy first 6 months, baby girl!

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