Saturday, January 24, 2015

Pinewood Derby

This morning, we participated in our first Pinewood Derby race with Cub Scouts.

Keaton and Scott had been working very hard all week on this car.
Professionally engineered by my perfectionist husband. Painstakingly designed and decorated by my Star Wars obsessed son.
What a beauty!
Keaton with his car right before they left for the race.
Scott was a little bit worried that they would be disqualified for some of the intricate measures he went to in order to make this car go fast. Think: bent axels, strategically placed weights, wheels barely touching the track. Thankfully, the car weighed in at exactly 5.0oz (the heaviest it could be to meet qualifications). 
Mark was excited to see Keaton's car race!
Keaton and Edward waiting for the race to begin.
And we're off! (Keaton's car is in lane 1)
Keaton ended up in 2nd place for his Tiger Cub Den. He was happy with his ribbon. He would have been happier if it had been blue.... we're still working on sportsmanship as a part of winning!
The Tiger Cub Winners: Ryan, Keaton, Cameron. Ryan (on the left) went on to place 3rd in the whole pack!
Keaton with some of his Tiger Cub buddies!
It was definitely a fun morning, and a learning experience for all of us! I think we will definitely have an advantage next year with one Derby behind us. So thankful for Cub Scouts, and the time it is allowing for father/son bonding.

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