Friday, January 23, 2015

Loose teeth, college, and fairies

At the NYE bash, Keaton bit into a piece of bread and pulled one of his bottom teeth loose. He came running to me with a VERY concerned look on his face. To most kids, this would be an exciting new development! Not for my little worrier...he almost let this ruin his whole evening. From that night through the next three weeks, he would not let anyone near his mouth. He did not know what it would be like to lose a tooth, but he did know there was a level of pain and blood involved. He was determined to put it off as long as possible. He ate only food that he could chew with his back teeth first. He even stopped biting his nails!
Right after he discovered his loose tooth
On Wednesday night, I noticed that his tooth was so loose that it was actually falling forward when he spoke. I begged him to let me pull it. I was actually worried he might choke on it in his sleep. Finally, the next morning, it fell out on its own while he was eating Rice Crispies. Thankfully, it did not actually fall into the bowl, because it very much resembled a Rice Crispie! 

He was over the moon all morning that his plan worked and he was able to somehow avoid all pain and suffering. At one point while he was getting ready, I started to get all mopey and told him I was sad that he was getting so big. I told him that it felt like just yesterday he was as small as Sailor. I said, 
"You're already 6 1/2! In another 6 1/2 years, you'll be a teenager, and in another 6 1/2 years, you'll be in college!"
 He thought for minute and then frowned at me, 
"Mom! I was in the best mood from loosing my tooth, and now you made me all SAD! Plus, I'm never going to college!" 
Then he gave me a big hug. Not sure if that's the right answer, but right then it cheered me up.

The next matter of business was the Tooth Fairy.
"Mom, you know I don't believe in fairies! Fairies are fictional! If I say I don't believe in the Tooth Fairy, will I still get a dollar?"
I told him he better do a good job of pretending if he wants a dollar. 
"Ok, I will, Mom. I'll pretend.
(whispering) Just like with Santa. right, Mom?" (wink, wink)

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