Friday, January 16, 2015

Christmas #2

We spent the day after Christmas relaxing, enjoying our gifts, packing, and totally de-Christmas-ing our house. On the 27th, we piled in the van and took our first road trip as a family of five! The boys were perfectly occupied watching their new movies. Sailor did remarkably well, sleeping the first 4 hours of the trip without a peep! We managed to make it to Grammy and Papa's house in just over 7 hours. Of course Sailor was a star, as Nanny, Uncle Jerry and the Workmans had not yet met her!

Meeting Aunt Lisa!
On Saturday night, we had our official Christmas dinner. We celebrated at Rob and Lisa's house, since Grammy and Papa are currently in a rental while they build their beautiful new house (ready by next Christmas, hopefully)! 
With Nanny and Cousin Laura
Douglas, Keaton, Laura, and Mark

Just girls!
Oldest and youngest cousin
Hard to tell from the pictures, but the Workmans had a gorgeous Christmas tree that was over 13ft tall! It was quite a sight!

My handsome boy!
Mark is in love with his cousin Laura!
The Workman family
My silly Santa!
Having fun with Cassie, the dog.
Hi Papa!
More presents! 

Keaton was very excited about his new scooter! Especially after I had convinced him that the big box with his name was a set of golf clubs! he he
Such a fun evening!

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