Sunday, December 1, 2013

Turkey Day

"Give thanks to the Lord for he is GOOD! His love endures forever!" 
We are so blessed to have great friends here in Hawaii that make the holidays so special even when we are so far away from our families. This year, we gathered with our fellowship group at the Thompsons house for some amazing food, great fellowship, and lots of laughs. 
Mark playing "Sibee"
Sweet Baby Addie
Brandon carving the turkey!
Keaton made this turkey hat at school. I love how he drew the turkey with glasses.
Keaton, Mark and Iain. Look at those dirty feet!
We all had to write down what we were thankful for. This boy wrote "Friends, Family, and my home"
Brittney and Cameron (or as Mark calls him - "Camera")

More Pie!
Cindy and Charlie
"Camera" is always as  big hit with the kiddos.
I can't believe it is already December 1st! I guess that means I'm going to get on the ball for the December Photo Project - stay tuned!

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livinginthemidwest said...

Love and miss all those people...well there were a few faces I didn't recognize but you know what I mean. Looked like a great Thanksgiving!