Saturday, December 28, 2013

Our night with Darth

 You might have gathered from previous posts that my boys are slightly
in love with 
obsessed with 
Star Wars. They can't help it - they come by it naturally. I think their Daddy has enjoyed this obsession as much as the boys. On Monday night, they got the surprise of their life. After dinner, they were all sitting around watching Episode 5 at the Workman's house, when a special visitor walked in to the living room - and it wasn't Santa!
Uncle Rob's Darth Vader costume quite impressive. It's a custom-made and very authentic, and at over 6 ft tall, he's pretty intimidating! 
As you can see, Keaton was not so happy to see him at first!
Once Keaton realized he posed no real threat, he quickly challenged Darth to a light saber duel.
Darth Vader even came bearing gifts for Keaton and Mark - new light sabers!
Mark was not so easily convinced that Darth Vader was just our friendly Uncle Rob. My favorite part of the evening was when Rob gave Mark his gift, and Mark says, "Thank you, Darth Vader." So sweet - he remembered his manners even with Darth!

I love how Keaton's trying out using the force against him...

Darth was nice enough to pose for some pics.
Notice how Mark is still keeping his distance...
Thank you Uncle Rob for making it such a fun a memorable evening for our boys!


Melissa Batusic said...

Oh man, my boys would have died!! They also go the exact same Darth Vader light sabers!

bear said...

Fun stuff - "Thank you Darth Vader" was so classic. Darth is just one of the kids, too.