Wednesday, December 18, 2013

JPAC Holiday Gala

On Saturday night, Scott and I attended the JPAC Holiday Gala, on board the battleship, the USS MISSOURI.
 It was quite a fun party, but the venue was what made it extra special! We had so much fun exploring the ship and taking in all the history around us. "Mighty Mo" was the last battleship built by the US. It is also significant, because onboard this ship, Japan surrendered in 1946, marking the end of WWII. 
The guns behind us can shoot a shell the size of a Volkswagen 20 miles without moving the ship 1 inch in the water. That's some gunpower!

Here's me standing at the point of Japanese surrender.
Trying out some of the guns...
One thing I love about JPAC is that it is a joint command, which means all branches of the military (and also civilians, like Scott) are represented. We enjoyed dinner with some very neat people, all serving our country in their different roles within JPAC.
What a memorable night!

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