Friday, March 22, 2013

Welcome to our OOL. Notice there is no "P" in it.

I actually can say with much certainty that there is plenty of "P" in our OOL, thanks to my boys, but oh well.
Grammie and Papa arrived yesterday, so the boys are in full show off, spoil mode! They are here until April 1st, and we are so excited! It was a little muggy in our house yesterday afternoon, so we headed up to the pool to cool off.
Scary story: Mark has no fear and loves the water!  He gets around really well in the pool with his floaties, but hasn't really practiced much without them. Yesterday when we got to the pool, he was so excited that he ran over and jumped right into the pool without stopping to put on his floaties. Of course, I jumped in right after him (fully clothes, btw). But, I was surprised that he did not sink! Although he struggled, he kicked his way to the ledge without my help! 
I'm really hoping we can get rid of those floaties before we get to Brumbra's house this summer. It would be so nice not to have to worry so much about this fearless boy around the pool!
Keaton is my little fish! I'm amazed at what a strong swimmer he is even after no lessons!
Scott ordered a waterproof case for our point and shoot camera. It was only $20 on Amazon, and it works great! I'm wishing we would have gotten something like this a long time ago! Looking forward to taking it to the beach soon.

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