Sunday, October 14, 2012


Being totally honest here.  This season is when I  miss the mainland the most. October is the hottest month of the year on Oahu. The winds die down and we are left with suffocating stagnant heat. It's really hard to make chili and bake pumpkin bread when you are already sweating inside your house! 

Needless to say, an overcast day and a trip Wailmanalo Country Farms pumpkin patch was just the ticket to get us excited about fall!

Hay ride!
One thing I love about this farm is that it is owned and operated by a Christian family. The theme of this year's pumpkin patch was "Good Seeds on Good Soil." They share the gospel on every hay ride, and give God the glory for every harvest season!
Unfortunately, Mark didn't care for the music they played on the hay ride...

Feeding the sheep at the petting zoo.
It was perfect pumpkin-picking weather.

Keaton couldn't wait to pick out his pumpkin. He spotted this one as soon as we got there.
Mark thought he was pretty big stuff carrying around those heavy "Papas"
We had to try out the sweet country corn - straight from the farm!


Happy fall, y'all!

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livinginparadise said...

I remember going there and thinking how funny the pumpkin fields looked. Only to find out that they take all the pumpkins out of the field each day so they don't rot and then place them back out into the field when they have groups coming through. Fun times. It was weird to pick pumpkins this year and have pants and a jacket on. I almost forgot that for the past 7 years I was sweating and missing mainlands falls. Still looks like you all had a blast...and the boys don't know any different. :o)