Thursday, September 27, 2012


Keaton has decided as of a few nights ago that he no longer wants to be singer, but an actor. How does a 4 year old who only only watches animated movies even know what an actor is? Don't ask me. But he did recognize that the voice of Tito from Oliver and Company was the same as Banzai (the hyena) from The Lion King

Who is this kid? 

For those keeping track, this is the third career change in the last month for this ambitious boy. So, I think hold off a few weeks before we hire an agent.

After all, "the hardest part about being an actor is figuring out how to get INSIDE the TV, Mom." 


Melissa Batusic said...

haha! That's so funny! I wish I knew that child better! What an imagination.

Grandma said...

God only made ONE Keaton Ray! I know he is going to go a long way in his life!
Keaton Ray, What did God create on the 6th day?
Wish you all could be here this weekend!