Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Big Boy Bed

I was not ready to do this yet, but Mark has been climbing out of his crib for months now. The crib rail had become not only an obstacle to climb over, but an acrobatic platform. I caught Mark more than once standing on the crib rail and using it to jump either into the crib, onto his brother's bed, or onto the floor! So, for his safety, we finally had to remove the rail and graduate him to the big boy bed.
I had my doubts about whether he would actually stay in it at night once the rail was down.  But, the boy surprised me! I think he crawled out a few times after I put him down that first night (I found some extra toys in there in the morning), but he never came out of the room or rolled out during the night! He also stayed put during his nap yesterday. I guess he was ready!

As for the climbing/acrobat problem, I'm not sure if we addressed the real issue...


Grandma said...

Grammy & Papa are PROUD of that boy! So glad you can continue to use the cute crib sheets!

Melissa Batusic said...

Ok, now that really is obnoxious how fast he is growing and I haven't even met the boy yet!!!!