Friday, September 14, 2012


Two years ago today, God blessed us with our second son Mark Nathan! 
Just look at him. Sweet, innocent, helpless, angelic, perfect...
Still sweet - not quite as innocent. Or angelic.
But, we love our crazy, opinionated, funny, independent, mischievous, smart, noisy, adventerous Marky just the way he is! Our family would not be complete without him and I thank God for the precious gift of this boy every single day! 

Today is a busy! We have a friend over to play this morning, and then we are headed up to the North Shore for a church retreat. So, we are putting the birthday celebrations on hold until Monday, when Daddy is home to help us celebrate! More birthday pics to come...

1 comment:

Grandma said...

I LOVE that precious 2 year with all my heart! Wish we could be there to help celebrate!
I celebrate Mark in my heart every day!