Thursday, August 16, 2012

Will run for donuts

Thursdays are often my "off day" from the gym, but I FORCED myself to get up this morning and finish my time on the treadmill because I knew where we were going... 
yes, he has a fat lip right now. Long story. He fell off the bed during his quiet time and bit all the way through his lip - ouch! (Okay, maybe it wasn't such a long story)

 I love donuts. Almost as much as I love ice cream
Maybe more? 
Why don't they make donut flavored ice cream? How bout it, science? (that was for you, Meagan)

A few months ago, Scott told me about these donuts that his coworker brought in to the office from Regal Bakery. My mouth was literally watering as he described the the creative and unusual flavor combinations and toppings. I've been wanting to go there ever since, but its in such a strange part of town that we hardly ever go, so I've been waiting and waiting...

FINALLY this week, Scott's check engine came on, so he had to take his car into the KIA dealership. I met him there, so I could take him to work after he dropped off his car.
Guess what just happens to be right around the corner? 
 Yeah, baby.

Check out some of these flavors!
The vanilla crunch has Frosted Flakes on top!
The Muddy ones are covered in crushed OREOS!
But here's what I've been waiting for...
Maple BACON donut!

Keaton picked a cake donut with chocolate icing and chocolate chips on top.
Mark thoroughly enjoyed his vanilla donut with sprinkles!
Daddy picked the flavor of the month - Lemon Crumb!
And me with my Maple Bacon delight. Oh, so good.
You know how I know that it was worth every calorie? I'm still thinking about it HOURS later!

I can't wait to take my dad to this place the next time he's in Hawaii. He's who I have to thank for my hopeless sweet tooth. Don't worry Dad, we'll run first! :-)


Melissa Batusic said...

Wow! Those look fabulous!!

Carolyn said...

Another reason to visit you someday...

Meagan Dennison said...

yep, donut flavored ice cream would rock my face off. Although, my blog post would be: will run for ice cream.