Thursday, April 19, 2012

Life with Boys

Two phrases that I heard this week that I'm pretty sure I never said when I was a little girl: 

(On our way out to dinner): "Mom, I'm not really sure if I just tooted or pooped." 

Me: Keaton, stop eating your boogers. "I'm not. I'm eating my snot." 

We also learned the hard lesson of why we never climb trees without a shirt: 


livinginparadise said...

Ah, boys...they're great aren't they? :o) Too funny!

Meg said...

is this the kind of stuff I can expect here on your blog? if so, I'm all in. That is great. I hope that you explained to him what a shart was.

Melissa Batusic said...

I love it! Once again, they would fit in very well in our house. How bout some, "poop oatmeal" for breakfast? (Andrew)