Monday, April 30, 2012

4th Birthday Party

Yesterday afternoon, we took Keaton, Mark and three of Keaton's best buddies on the Hawaiian Railway for Keaton's birthday party.
 It's a 90 minute, open air train ride up the west coast of Oahu traveling at 15 mph. 
Yeah, I know. 
But the boys loved it! 
Because they were together on a TRAIN acting silly and saying things like "DISGUSTING POO POO!" :-)
We "oo'd and aww'd" at the fantastic sights we saw along the way...

Thankfully, the views got better the further along we went..

 They loved waving at passerbys along the way...
I forgot his shoes... Oh well, it's Hawaii. Always optional.
Mark did so great for about 81 minutes of the train ride.   
Then he was OVER IT!
Thankfully, Auntie Karen was there to help hold him...
family shot
 The boys had some time to play around in the train yard after our ride.
Keaton and Grant

 I had the best time with these boys! They are each so unique and funny.
Handsome birthday boy!

After the train, we headed to "Old McDonalds" for dinner and cupcakes! 

I watched Grant carefully open his hamburger and using a french fry,  scrape off each pickle and onion.  Clearly, he'd done this before. :-)
Time for presents!

Happy Birthday to you!

Spiderman cupcakes! Yum!
Such a fun and memorable day celebrating our K-RAY!

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Meg said...

what a perfect 4 year old bday party!

that train ride looks great for my 31 st bday party-that is if it's BYOB!