Wednesday, September 14, 2011


Happy 1st Birthday, Mark! 
You have made me smile every day of your life. 

You love to laugh and make others laugh. 

You love to explore. 

You love trying new things.

You love to eat rocks, chalk, and other disgusting things.

You love birthday cake.

You surprise us everyday at how much you understand, and your vocabulary is getting bigger everyday. Right now your favorite words are: 
"Ditty" (kitty)

You love all things electronic, especially remote controls and iPhones.

You love your family.
And we love you.


Grandma said...

Mark Nathan,
Happy 1st Birthday!
Grandchildren are such gifted, efficient little thieves.....
In one swift moment they steal your heart and you
never get it back again!
You have stolen our hearts forever!
We Love you as high as the sky and then some!
Grammy & Papa

E and K Wiepert said...

Happy Birthday, Mark!!! Oh, how I wish Sterling could be there to have another play date! :)

Melissa Batusic said...

Awe!! How many birthdays has that child had??? He is precious!

Brumbra said...

Happy Happy birthday Marky!!!!!

Meagan Dennison said...

I can't believe he's already 1! Time flies. Give him a kiss for me.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Mark (or "Mawrk" as Matthew would say)! I love you so much!