Sunday, September 18, 2011

3rd 1st Birthday Party

I think he is officially ONE now. We had to have one last party, so that Daddy could be there and we could celebrate with our friends in Hawaii! 

Keaton has been concerned about why Mark is getting so many birthday parties and he only got one. He's very busy planning his Batman birthday party for "April Tirdyith", which he must think is right around the corner. Overall, he has been a very proud big brother and an awesome sport about everything. 
He was "in charge" of the balloons today.   
He went straight for the candle. 

He is a pro at the cupcake-eating part by now. 
There wasn't a crumb left. 
Happy Birthday, Marky! I hope you feel "celebrated!"


Grandma said...

There is always room in your heart for another grandchild! He is our sixth out of seven and I can honestly say he is celebrated in our hearts every day. Can't wait to see that special baby in November!

Melissa Batusic said...

Hey! You're coming here in November??