Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Evening at the beach

On Sunday night, we picked up some "Old McDonalds" and enjoyed a picnic at Pyramid Rock beach on the Marine Corp base a few minutes from our house.
Sharing a french fry with brother. If you know my son,  you understand this is a big moment. 
The water was a too rough for swimming, but we got to watch some surfers catch some waves. 
The boys had a blast playing in (and eating, in Mark's case) the sand, and joyfully splashing in rising tide. 
love the farmers tan...

After 18 months of living here, I still get homesick for the mainland, especially after a long visit home. 
Nights like this make me realize how blessed we are to have this amazing experience in Hawaii, however long it lasts! 


Katie Henry said...

so beautiful! looks like so much fun too!

Meagan Dennison said...


Brumbra said...

We have a hard time ajusting also when you leave. We keep exspecting little monsters to come out of the bathroom growling at us. Great pictures!