Wednesday, June 22, 2011

What we are reading this week

Our trip to the library is something we look forward to every week. We have a really fantastic library that is walking distance from our house. On Thursdays, there is a children's storytime led by our children's librarian who happened to be named Hawaii's librarian of the year for 2010. Needless to say, he puts on a great show! We're talkin - puppet show, silhouette show, singing, crafts - the whole works. Talk about some awesome cheap, free entertainment! 
"Uncle Kurt"
As you can see, its a popular place to be on Thursday mornings in Kaneohe.
The library also has a fun summer reading program. We record the books that we read each week on our book log, and when we go to the library, Keaton and Mark get to pick out a sticker for their "reading passport" and fun prize like cookies, tattoos, and McDonald's coupons. Of course, Keaton gets to choose the sticker and prize for Mark which makes it all the more fun for him.

Keaton loves books, and it is fun to have a rotation of new books to read every week. He usually chooses 5-7 books every time we go. This stack almost always includes at least one Curious George book (hard to go wrong with George), one book about either Thomas or Lightning McQueen, and then we try to fill up the rest with books we've never read before. Over time, we've found some real gems and also some duds. This week, we found a new favorite: 

This book is hilarious and so fun to read (and equally fun to listen to your husband read)! It has a very jazz poetry vibe to it, and its really hard to read it without attempting your best Louis Armstrong impression. 

My favorite line: 
Get down, play that thing!
If it's got that swing it means EVERYthing.
Jazz-Bo knows it. 
Says, "Hope I don't blow it!"
He SQUEEZES them blues
right out of his SHOES!

I'm going to try to get in the habit of sharing our favorite book each week. I would love to hear your favorite books, as well! Maybe we'll discover some new gems together.

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Brumbra said...

Great Great Great!!! Keep him reading, it's entertainment for life.