Tuesday, June 14, 2011

9 months

He's 9 months old now, so why is it so still so hard to call him just "Mark?"
Just a few of his many nicknames:
 Baby Mark

He's changing, changing changing...every day is something new. 

Since last month:

He stands on his own for up to 20 seconds (last I timed him)
"Look! No hands!"

He is dancing to music now. It much resembles the "sitting jump" from last month. Just smaller, more frequent jumps. Its adorable. I really need to get that on video...

He is eating mostly table food.   

He no longer has the patience for spoon feeding. He has 6 teeth now after all!  Just look at him munching away on this cracker like, "Seriously mom. I'm ready for a steak here." 
He chews on plenty of other stuff too:
Not only is he great with the vacuum, he's a huge help in the kitchen. Can't you tell?

I mentioned he is into EVERYTHING? He can be quite destructive. He rips up books and magazines, pulls everything off of the shelves, empties cabinets, and splashes water all over the bathroom. Scott likens him to the Terminator. He's on a mission to destroy and will not stop until his mission is complete. He's cuter than Arnold though and much more cuddly, which makes him all the more dangerous. I tell him to clean up after himself and he just looks at me like this:
How can I resist?


Mary Anderson said...

You do not and I repeat do not find a cuter baby! I know I'm very partial but he is BEAUTIFUL!
Happy 9th Month, Baby Mark!
Mark's Grammy

Anonymous said...

Great kid! He is changing so much and sounds like he is really getting a personality! He will need that to keep up with the other mister.

Chris and Tiana said...

Hilarious! He's so cute and getting so big so fast. It's funny because he reminds me SO much of Jude (who we call Jude-O or Judle Doodle because I can't just call him by his name either). He's in to everything too! Busy boys!