Monday, October 4, 2010

Blue Angels on the Bay

When we have visitors, we like to treat them right. Which is why we arranged for there to be an amazing Blue Angels air show going on in Kaneohe Bay when my parents were visiting us. ;-) For days leading up to the show, the airplanes were practicing their stunts right outside our apartment. We were like children running outside every time we heard the Blue Angels' engines coming. It was so amazing! Here are a couple of pictures we took from our balcony on the days leading up to the weekend:

Then, on Sunday, we setup a private boat cruise for my parents so they could watch the air show from the water. Actually, our neighbor Anita was already taking her boat out that day, so she offered to let us tag along. I stayed home with the babies, but Scott, Mom, and Dad had a great time out in the bay watching the air show.

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Meagan Dennison said...

William and Hudson (and Dave, for that matter!) would be so jealous. Hopefully it wasn't during naptime, because that wouldn't be too enjoyable!