Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Meeting Little Brother

One of the hardest things about the day Mark was born was being away from Keaton for so long. We are so blessed to have friends here that could care for him that day and night, so Scott could stay with me at the hospital. The next morning, Scott picked up Keaton and brought him to meet his new brother. Over the last few months, we tried the best we could to prepare Keaton for the baby's arrival, but both Scott and I were a little worried about his reaction to the real event.

At first, he was just happy to have his mama back!

Keaton's first peak at Baby Mark

Hmm...not so sure about this!

Okay, maybe he is pretty cute!

A little bribe never hurt anyone... the Mr. Potato Head was his "big brother" gift

Our first family picture - all 4 of us! I felt really dorky, but I actually hit the nurse call button and asked if someone could come take a picture for us. As if they don't have anything better to do! Thankfully, the nurse was a good sport about it.

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