Thursday, July 15, 2010

Music to my ears

For the longest time, when someone asked Keaton about the baby or about him becoming a big brother, he would give a quick glance to my belly and ignore the question or promptly change the subject. I think as my belly continues to grow, it's getting harder for him to ignore the impending changes to our family dynamic. We talk about the baby alot, trying to get him used to the idea of him not being Mama's only "baby" anymore. Recently, he has started putting his face up to my belly and saying "Good morning, Baby!"

Due to my high-risk status, my doctor will be performing an NST (non-stress test) on the baby twice a week through the remainder of my pregnancy. This is an very easy 20 minute procedure that allows them to monitor the baby's heartbeat, movements, and any contractions to make sure everything looks "normal." Today was the first time Keaton was in the room with me for the entire test. He watched closely as the nurse attached all the monitors to my belly...
"What's that noise, Mama?" he kept asking
"That's the baby, Keaton"

The nurse stepped out of the room and Keaton and I were left alone with only the sound of the baby's heartbeat which pounded out a quick rhythm. Keaton immediately started dancing along to the beat.

"I like that song, Mama!"
"What song, Keaton?"
"That baby song!"

As cheese-ball and trivial this moment was, I treasured it because I felt like it was the first "bonding moment" Keaton and the baby had as siblings. I'm nervous and excited to see Keaton's reaction when the baby actually arrives. I know it will be awhile before he can teach the baby any of his cool dance moves, but imagining these fun times ahead is what helps keep me going...

9 weeks, 2 days and counting!


Mary Anderson said...

He'll do fine being the "Big Brother!" Sure hope it's to a baby sister!

Jenny said...

How precious!!!! He is going to be a great big brother! Give that little buddy kisses from his Aunt Jenny!