Saturday, May 1, 2010

Party time!

We had a great party last night despite Keaton refusing to nap yesterday. We had to move the majority of the festivities indoors because of a rain threat. So, we squeezed 8 adults and 8 children in our tiny place and had a grand time! After pizza, we were able to venture out to the commons area of our townhome complex to let the kids run out some energy.

God has blessed us with so many great friends already. I think it's amazing that we even know enough people here (after only living here 1 month) to have a party for Keaton! God is good!

Keaton got a new bowling set for his birthday. Here's a picture of Scott and Tim trying to organize a game with all the kids on the tennis court. It s was quite a funny sight!

This is Joe and Jolie Swisher. Scott and Joe knew each other from church back in Miami. We have reconnected with he and his wife since we moved here. They have three girls - Catelyn, Emily, and Abby.

This is Karen Heath and Erin Wood. We stayed with Karen and her husband, Tim for 2 weeks when we first arrived on the island. Keaton and their son, Lucas (2 1/2) are best buds. They are some of our closest friends here now! We knew Erin and Jason from our Covenant days, and they have been a rock of support for us since we moved here even letting us drive one of their cars for 2 weeks while we looked for one to buy! They have 3 children - Ethan (7), Jude (4), and Ansley (18 mos.).

Keaton with "Auntie Karen" It is funny a tradition we've learned in Hawaii for kids to call all of mom's friends "Auntie" and dad's friends, "Uncle"

Jason and Erin

All the kiddos eating pizza on our "lanai!"


Mary Anderson said...

God is GOOD! What a blessing to have such good friends already! I'm especially happy that Scott & Joe have reconnected since their Jr. High, High School youth group days. Who can forget all the UM football games?

Jenny Liebler said...

Praise God! Look how he has taken care of you! Wish we could have been there! I love you all!

Melissa Batusic said...

Ok I know who Joe Swisher is now! Is that that one that went to Westminster?? Also, why do I feel like I've see Jason and Erin before?? I can't wait to see you! I'm so happy that you all are having a good time over there. Oh...and I can't believe that you've already been there for a month :)

Bear said...

love it! Aunt Lisa