Friday, April 2, 2010

Learning Curve

Some interesting facts I've learned about Hawaii in the last week:
1) There are no snakes here and it is illegal to bring snakes into the state, even as pets!
2) It's true! It is normal to eat SPAM here. Check out this pic from the McDonald's breakfast menu.

3) Caucasian people (or non-natives) are called Haoles ("howleys"). It's a derogatory/funny term, and is not uncommon to be called this to your face here.
4) There are no private beaches in Hawaii. In 2006, the Hawaii Supreme Court ruled that all beaches belong to the people. So even where mansions and beautiful beach homes line the coast, we can park ourselves on any piece of sand we like the best and no one can tell us to leave.

5) Hawaii prides itself on having the most deliciously filtered tap water in the USA.
6) It is illegal to talk on your cell phone while driving - this is hard to get used to!
7) Cost of living here is ridiculous! Examples of some prices we are dealing with here:
Milk - $4.50/gal
Bread - $3.50/loaf
Gas - $3.40/gal
8) Hawaii is the undisputed drowning capital of the world. This is mainly due to tourists' disrespect of the power of rip currents and strength of the surf while swimming and snorkeling.


Mary Anderson said...

Wow, one of your best blogs ever! I learned so much from it! These pictures are driving me crazy, they are so beautiful even w/o Keaton in them! Of course, I prefer to see that beautiful face in them! I'm glad the beaches aren't private! I guess they will be more crowded in June.

Melissa Batusic said...

Are you gonna be able to use coupons??? Hope so with the prices over there!

wgleaves said...

I saw the comment above and had thought the same Wow, $4.50 a gallon for gas. Hope Scott had a first good day at work. Maybe you can blog about waht he is doing.

PS No snakes is a good thing.

S-G said...

Hey Ashley,
I am loving reading about your family's adventure. I am planning a baby shower for a friend who is Hawaiian and her favorite food is spam. So now I am looking for some recipes for appetizers with SPAM in them.
-Sarah-Ginny Osborn