Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Happy Birthday to me!

On Sunday, I celebrated my 29th birthday, and I got one of the best presents ever - a home! We signed our lease on Friday and moved in on Saturday. Even though we are still roughing it out of suitcases and 2 camping chairs, it feels so nice to have a place to call home again. I don't have any good pics of the inside yet, but here's a peak at the view from our balcony.

Scott surprised me (actually not really, I asked for this and was hoping he remembered!) with the 3-disc special edition of New Moon. We've already watched it once, and now I'm watching it the 2nd time with commentary... hey, I'm still in my 20's, and I enjoy vampire movies!

We went out to eat at a local Italian restaurant called Zia's. I really enjoyed my complimentary tiramisu and as you can see, Keaton really enjoyed the bowl of sherbet that came with his meal.

Now, I just have 350 unbirthdays left until I'm 30! Yikes!


Mary Anderson said...

So glad you had such a good day! Hopefully, tonight you will sleep in your own bed! Keaton looks the happiest when he has yummy food in front of him!

Melissa Batusic said...

Oh, I don't want to hear it about being 30! I guess I'm just older and wiser than you :) Can't wait to see you soon!

Chris and Tiana said...

Hey, I'm well in to my 30's and I like my vampire movies too! Happy birthday to you and so glad you got a new home!