Friday, March 19, 2010


It was such a treat to spend a week and a half in Oklahoma once all our stuff left for Hawaii. There was no real obligations or agenda. We were able to just relax, spend time with family, and get ready for our big move.

Keaton coloring with cousin Mia ("Mena")

Aunt Alexis was home from college for Spring Break, so she would regularly disappear upstairs with my boy. Keaton loved having a constant playmate, and Mama really enjoyed the break!! I was so glad that it worked out to have our college girl home while we were there so we could spend some quality time with her.

"Practicing" Piano

My brother Justin and his wife Sheri were in town for a wedding, so it was so fun to hang out with them as well. My aunt Sara hosted a big family dinner for all of us on the night before we left.

The boys - Justin, Dad, Scott, and Aaron

Me with my two grandmothers


Archambo kiddos

Me with my two amazing sisters-in-law, Sheri, and Elise!

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