Tuesday, October 13, 2009

While the cat is away...

To give you an idea of what Keaton was up to while we were at the concert - we received this email from Laura (11 yrs old) just as the concert was starting:

Dear family,
It is us the famous Keaton Ray and Laura Anne! We bring great news! The kings and queens are out, just the retired ones are here. So since the castle is ours for the night, we invite you to a "hip, groovy, and funky" party. Our DJ is Keaton and the dancer is Laura. Some of the "groovy" songs will be the Little People theme song, "Apple Bottom Jean-Jeans", Let's get Crazy, and Love story. The party will begin at 10:00 PM sharp. The clothing should be funky and colorful! Come soon! Thank you!

10:00 PM
MarnRay Castle
Host and Hostess: Keaton and Laura

From: Keaton and Laura

Here's a short video of Keaton and Laura playing on Grammie's computer. I love watching Keaton's face in this video.

Needless to say, Keaton was in good hands and had a blast hanging out with his big cousins!

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Mary Anderson said...

Yes, the retired ones went to bed and the grandkids stayed up all night and partied down after Douglas got home from his baseball game. The guests started to arrive after the retired ones went to bed. I think Laura, Douglas & Keaton had this planned weeks in advance! Our job is to SPOIL not enforce rules like going to bed on a school night!
Grandma or Grammie or Amni & Papa