Friday, October 16, 2009


I wasn't there for this special event, but I wish I would have been! On Tuesday night, my dad whispered to my niece Mia that they were having a surprise birthday party for Grandma. Of course, he was just kidding - my mom HATES birthdays and birthday parties! Papa should know not to joke with five-year-old girls about parties! Well, Mia thought he was serious and when she found out the party was off, she was crushed! So, just for Mia, my family staged a "surprise" party for my mom last night, complete with party hats, decorations, and cake made by Mia. I love the expressions on everyone's faces in the 3rd picture. My mom said it was one of the best birthdays EVER! I'm looking forward to celebrating with her this weekend when she comes to Nashville!

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Mary Anderson said...

How Sweet! It reminds me of a few years back when Laura staged a surprise party for her Mom here. She made posture's and we decorated. Lisa acted so surprised and it thrilled Laura!