Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween

We had such a great time spending Halloween with our Villages of Brentwood friends. All of us headed out down Village Way together for some trick or treating before meeting back at Katherine and Charlie's for a potluck-style dinner. The kiddos loved hanging out in their costumes and eating all their candy!

Here's a picture of Keaton with all his neighborhood buddies: Kate, Jack, Lucy, Charlie, Rory, Townes, and Eli. Can you tell that Elmo was not that excited about the group picture idea?

Now that Keaton is in bed and we have an extra hour tonight - time to raid the candy stash!!

Here's my favorite Jerry Seinfeld stand up all about Halloween. It's kinda long, but so worth it! You will laugh, trust me.


Mary Anderson said...

I guess Elmo didn't get the rain we did! It poured off and on!
Large file of Mommy, Daddy & Elmo!

caathy archambo said...

Cathy What cute bunch of kids! I love looking at them espically Elmo.

Meagan Dennison said...

he's the cutest Elmo I have ever seen!