Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Our Lioness

Our kitty Clementine is SO FLUFFY! We took her for her one year vaccinations and checkup yesterday. While she was there, we decided to go ahead and get her a haircut, because her winter coat was starting to shed and get very matted and nasty. Those of you who know Clemmie understand why she has to be sedated for this process. It is called the "lion cut" because they shave everything but her head, feet, and the end of her tail. I know, she looks pathetic, but she is happy to be rid of all the fluff for awhile. Here is a picture of her before and after the haircut. Don't worry, her hair grows very quickly - she'll be back to her big beautiful self in no time.

The bad news is that she gained 2 lbs since her last visit. (I think this is the equivalent of a human gaining about 50 lbs in 1 year) Dr Kitty (yes, this is really our vet's name) was concerned that she may be at high risk for feline diabetes. So now Scott has her on a strict diet and exercise regimen to shed the extra poundage.


Meagan said...

exercise regimen? I'd be interested to know/see that!

Anonymous said...

only my brother

Mary Anderson said...

Goodness, she looks so little to me. What kind of exercise regimen? Going to the Y with you and KRay?