Friday, May 8, 2009

Enjoying New Gifts

Keaton loves his new blocks that his cousins Caroline and Matthew have him. Here's a pic of him stacking them up... it's just as much fun to knock them over!

Keaton also loves his new chair from his Grammie and Papa Anderson and his Workman cousins. He loves to sit in his chair first thing in the morning and watch his Baby Einstein movie while he drinks his bottle. We have come to realize that Keaton needs this "anti-social" time in the morning when he first gets out of bed to wake up and ease his way into the day. We are so thankful that he now has a comfortable place to sit (that is unmistakeably HIS)!

1 comment:

Mary Anderson said...

It's sorta like we have to have our coffee first thing in the morning!
Precious as usual!