Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Sailor is 18 months old!

 One and a half! 
This girl is changing and growing so much every day!
 She had her 18 month check up today. Dr. said she looks great. We were excited that she finally FINALLY hit 20lbs! 20lbs 4oz to be exact. Big girl is moving on up to the 18th percentile!
Her vocabulary is developing and includes the following words now:
Ewww (typically her response if I ask if she's pooped)

She also has some "Sailor-words" that we've learned over the last few months:
"Eeeeeee!" means she wants a drink
"Mo!" means she wants more
"Lala" is her word for Elmo or any other Sesame Street character/Muppet, which is funny considering she's never really watched much Sesame Street.
"Baba" is bottle
"De-Dis!" is "there it is!" 

She is still absolutely in LOVE with all animals, but especially dogs. Anytime she sees one even from far away or out the window, she starts laughing and saying "FFFTHHH!!" which is think is her version of "Woof!" A couple of weeks ago, a neighbor dog jumped up and knocked her on her back in the grass and licked her face. Sailor got up laughing! We joke that she is actually part puppy because when you ask her if she wants something, she pants like a dog in the affirmative.

She's starting to learn some other animal sounds. Her favorite is the sheep sound:  "BAAAAAAAA!!!!" She yelled this so loud to all the lambs at Mt. Vernon that they finally scurried off to their mama in fear. 
She has started using utensils regularly and she even gets some of the food in her mouth sometimes!
She's super into SHOES! We have a big bag of hand-me-down shoes in her closet, and she's always pointing for me to get it down, so she can try on more. These cowboy boots are her favorite. It's common to find her wearing someone else's shoes  around the house on top of her own.
She absolutely LOVES being outside, especially with her brothers. Here she is trying to pitch the baseball to Mark and his buddy Eli.
She is the queen of mess-making. It's non-stop. This particular chip mess was the 2nd of its kind that I cleaned up in one day. I guess mom needs to find a better hiding place for the chips.
One day she found the pantry ajar and helped herself to playtime with the Bisquick! So innocent, that face!
She's learned now how to climb on TOP of the dining room table. I find her sitting up there coloring most days
"She's the master of disguise.... this is "Elton June.
"Sailor Shrek"
She even twirled in her very first princess dress this month, thanks to some fun hand-me-down dress ups from some church friends!
Just one of the boys...

She  knows her way around a light saber. We call her "Baby Rey"
We've recently started doing her hair in "ping tails" (as Keaton calls them), and I feel like its changed her whole personality.

I took her for an 18month portrait at Picture People last week. We took away her animal crackers and she REFUSED to crack a smile for us!
She loves riding in her new bike seat with Dada.
And being silly with Mama
We recently watched E.T. as a family and Sailor kept running in and pointing to the screen and laughing. After the movie, she loved cuddling with Daddy's old E.T.!
She's full of attitude and drama. She's confident and so sweet! We are all so in love with this girl. It's hard to imagine what our family was like without our Sailor June.

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Melissa Batusic said...

Great pics. She is just so precious. My favorite is the light saber picture :)