Saturday, May 7, 2016

Birthday Weekend!

Keaton's birthday fell on Saturday this year, and we had a blast celebrating all weekend with the Lieblers. They drove in soon after Keaton was home from school on Friday.
We took a walk down the market for a snack.
On Friday evening, Keaton had a special International Night at his school. He performed a song in French with the other 2nd graders. (Keaton is 2nd from the left) They did great!
After his performance, we headed to Brixx (Keaton's favorite) for some pizza!
After we finally got the kiddos in bed, we decorated the living room. He requested a "Presidents Birthday." This was the best I could do!
Of course the kids were up bright and early. Always a beautiful morning when I get to wake up to this face!
Keaton was excited to get started with the presents right away!

The Force Awakens!
After breakfast, we headed to Mount Vernon. It was  Revolution weekend, complete with real canons, professional reenactors, and a chance to meet Keaton's favorite Revolutionary General, the Marquis de Lafayette! 

He's kind of a big deal, especially if you have been living in the world of Hamilton the Musical for the last 2 months

It was fascinating to watch all the soldiers marching in uniform.
We even witnessed a real battle! Mark was very concerned for the dead men laying in the field. We explained to him that it was all pretend and that they were shooting fake bullets, but he wasn't convinced. "Then how did those men die?"
We took a picture with these guys, because "they look like pirates"
what a difference a year makes!
The kids loved exploring the education center.
Mark was so tired...I thought he would fall asleep at this table!
dress up!
GW's dentures are always a hit!
These 2 are precious together!
By the time we got home, Keaton was ready to dig into more presents!
His favorite gift - blade builders!

Of course, we enjoyed hamburgers for dinner.  MEL helped entertain Sailor while we got dinner on the table.
Ice cream cake at his request!
Happy Birthday, Keaton!

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