Wednesday, February 4, 2015

3 months old

I was just getting used to having a newborn. Now she's technically an infant. It's all happening so fast! Lots of changes this month for Sailor June! She's still eating every 3-4 hours during the day, but she's definitely becoming more independent. 

She's content in her swing or on her playmat for longer periods of time. 

Her sleeping is still all over the place, and she's definitely been my first baby to really resist the "through the night" sleep. She will generally go 7 hours stretches at night, but still prefers to see me and hang out most mornings around 1-2. We made the decision to move her bedtime up to 7:30 because she was so fussy in the evenings. This was a "hallelujah" moment for me. Having my evenings back is truly more life-changing than a solid 8 hours every night. 

And if I  have to see any face at 2am,  I would want it to be this one...

She's becoming a serious finger sucker which results in tons of delicious baby drool all down her chin and usually all over anyone who's holding her. I'm wondering if she will eventually find her thumb and stick to that? I was a thumb-sucker growing up, but neither of my boys have been. 

She loves for anyone to sing to her, read to her, talk to her, make silly faces at her. She so very close to laughing and I can hardly WAIT!

As much as Mark loves her to pieces, she's still kinda like a new toy that he's still trying to figure out how it works. I found he cannot be trusted with her unsupervised even for short periods of time. One evening last week, I left her in her swing in the living room while I finished up dinner in the kitchen. Suddenly, I heard Sailor cry out - not the "I'm tired" or "I'm hungry" cry. It was more like "Mom, come quick. Someone's trying to murder me!" cry. There was Mark, looking extremely guilty.
"Mom, I think she wants you."
After some research, I discovered that Mark had actually bit her foot, just to see how she'd react...

The Moby Wrap is still her happiest place. She would stay in there for hours if I let her.
I'm thinking about contacting the folks at Moby Wrap and demanding to start collecting a commission. I'm pretty sure I sell at least 2 per week.  People are always like, "It looks so comfortable!" "Look how content she is!" "I had no idea there was a baby in the room!" I'm truly so very thankful for the Moby, because it makes getting out and about so much easier! If they could only figure out a way to make it safe to "baby-wear" and drive!  SJ has a serious issues with her car seat. Usually, she cries all the way from the house to any destination and all the way home.

Waiting for Keaton at the bus stop
 Overall, Sailor is an absolute delight. To say that we are enjoying her is a major under-statement! She makes being cooped up in the house on these frigid days so much more fun.

Keaton says, "She like the most famous person in our family!"
I asked him what he meant and he said, "Well, everyone's always talking about her and texting about her and wanting pictures of her..."
And no one is crazier about her than her big brothers!
Who can resist these cheeks!? Certainly not me!

 Keaton: "She's too good to be true!"
I have to agree.
Sailor June, you are a JOY!

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