Sunday, November 16, 2014

Sailor Meets her Family!

The next day, Grammie and Papa brought the boys up to meet Baby Sailor. Aunt Jenny and cousins decided to stick around one more day so that they could meet her too.
I  believe that Mark was the most excited to meet and hold her!
Keaton was a little skeptical at first. My little worrier was super creeped out by mom in the hospital bed (IV in arm did not help!) especially because someone slipped and said I had to get stitches. He was also very emotional because his cousins were going back to Charlotte right after this hospital visit.
Keaton eventually warmed up to Sailor but still kept a safe distance!
Most awesome big brothers!
Our first family pic!
Grammie's first time holding Sailor!
Poor Papa had a sniffle, so he played it safe with a mask!
Aunt Jenny and Caroline!
Sailor and her big cousin!
This very exhausted Mama was so thankful to get some snuggle time with her boy!
"Can I hold her again, Grammie?"