Friday, November 21, 2014

More of Sailor's first days

Scott, Sailor and I spent a total of 5 days and 4 nights in the hospital which is by far the longest hospital stay I've ever had! Even though those days included some very painful moments (c-sections are not for wimps!) and sleepless nights (5lb 13oz babies nurse a LOT), we emerged from our stay with mostly fond memories of a quiet, restful retreat with room service and sweet Sailor snuggles.
She looks so much like Keaton as a baby!
Her perfect hair!
It's hard to believe that walking and even standing was such a challenge in those first few days. This was my first time walking after the c-section. We took a little stroll with Sailor around the 3rd floor.

On the morning I was supposed to be released, I spiked a fever, so the Dr. decided to keep me another night just in case. So, Papa and Grammie brought the boys up for another visit. Unfortunately, Mark was starting to get a cold, so he had to wear a hospital mask. He loves his sister so much!
Sailor got a visit from Pastor Don and his wife Nancy
Finally time to go home!
Sailor was quite popular in the hospital lobby. I guess anything that tiny covered in pink is bound to attract some attention!
On Friday night, we had a very special guest for dinner! My dad was in DC for a conference that weekend, so he took a cab to our house and got to meet Sailor on her first day home!
Papa and his 4th granddaughter!


Melissa Batusic said...

She's such a cute little munchkin! I can't wait to meet her! BTW, you are so gorgeous and look too young to have 3 kids!

livinginthemidwest said...

She is precious...and soooo tiny! So happy for you all!