Thursday, September 25, 2014

A long road trip and new digs

Finally after many weeks of waiting, it was time to hop in the new van and make the long trip from OK to VA to see Daddy and our new home! It worked out well that we have family at the halfway point in Indiana. It was fun to stop and stay a couple of nights with them and break up our trip.
Me and my cousin, Laura.We are a year apart and have always been close. I love that we can always pick up right where we left off even when we haven't seen each other in a long time. She has precious 15 month old twins - Tyler and Savannah.
Uncle Ben took the boys for rides in his tractor.
I had to stop on the side of the road to take pictures of the corn! It was huge and so green!
Finally 10 more short hours later, we made it to our new house in Woodbridge, VA!
Boy, were we happy to see this guy!
Our new home is in the Belmont Bay community of Woodbridge, VA. It sits right on a marina on the Occoquan River. We love walking down to see the boats!  Sidenote: every now and then, Keaton decides he's going to try out a new smile. You'll notice he looks like he's just had his wisdom teeth removed in most of these pictures. I wish he'd stick to the same handsome smile and change his "JAWS" shirt every once in awhile...
Hanging out in Daddy's truck!
After living in Hawaii for 4 years, I love that Scott found us a place where we can still see the water everyday.
We had a few weeks to relax and hang out at home before school started. What kinds of things do you do to entertain yourself when all of your toys are still making their way across the country from Hawaii?
Lollypop sword fights!
Visiting Daddy's new workplace at the Naval History and Heritage Command
Checking out the US Naval History Museum. Teaser alert: it was here that we finally decided on a name for baby sister!   
lots of coloring
Exploring our new town. They are admiring what we like to call "the big pencil" or "the Washington mommy-ment"

The boys surprised me how much they loved walking around the National Mall. Keaton: "It's like the zoo with no animals but even more AWESOME!"
My other favorite Keaton quote from the evening: Me: "Keaton, do you know who lives in the white house? The president!" Keaton: "But, I thought all the presidents were dead?"

The new World War II monument is really amazing!

Before we knew it, Labor Day was upon us.
One last hop into the pool and summer was over...

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